Ranet HTML Pivot Table
Release History

Ranet HTML Pivot Table 5.7.225

June 08, 2018


Pivot Table

  • Sorting option in the pivot table; sorting visualization
  • DrillThrough. Option to export DrillThrough results to Excel
  • Context menu for cells; option to copy cells in the clipboard, view cell properties
  • "Build Filter Axis" command that adds elements to the filter area based on the selected cells' rows and columns
  • "Leave Current Structure" command that filters the pivot table based on selected cells' rows and columns

Pivot Charts

  • Pie charts for pivot table data visualization
  • Option to view series on separate charts, customize chart table
  • Support of the main pivot table actions in the charts
  • Option to show an additional axis on the chart
  • Wrong filter description in the Active filters area
  • Error executing MDX request when creating custom calculated elements with members from the "Non-empty behavior" editor
  • Error exporting report to Excel when there is no Rows or Columns area in the pivot table
  • Error in the pivot table after "Drilldown with the parent"
  • Error when sorting MDX query execution result in case there are the same elements in Rows or Columns
  • Error generating MDX query when a single member is selected in the Member Choice
  • Error recording history when there are filters applied to the report
  • Error when loading a report with saved user actions
  • TreeView opens closed nodes when adding/deleting elements
  • Error displaying the chart when there are negative values in the data source
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