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Hi , I am trying to create a simple School Management system.
1. I want to have a School class where it has its own Employees, Teachers, Students and Parents of Students
2. I want to be able to filter the records of these roles to what schooI they belong to and I want to be able to Filter records based on User Roles. The roles are Employees, Teachers , Students and Guardian or Parents .
Sample Scenario, 1 When I login as an employee of a certain School, I want to be able to see all the records of All the employees, Students , Teachers and Parents associated to each Student.
Sample Scenario, 2. When I login as a Teacher I want to be able to see all my students on all the subjects that I teach so I can input their class records
Sample Scenario, 3. When I login as a Parent or Guardian, I want to see only the records of my children , to make it simpler Lets not include the related records of Students like their attendance, payments, Class Records or Examination results
Sample Scenario, 4. and As a Student I want to see just my record related to the Student class, like subjects enrolled

May I kindly request for your help on how to do this? I would appreciate it very much if you can help me on this.
Thanks so much and more power to Galaktikasoft.

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Hello, Warren!

We are going to investigate it. Give me some time.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

On behalf of Xafari Client Services Team

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