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Our BI team needed to develop a solution for creating reports that would combine data from multiple sources, gather it in a single cube and then generate reports on its basis.
There were hardly any similar solutions on the market, so our engineers and analysts had to conduct thorough research to develop the solution up to the highest standards and meet the customer's expectations.


Duration: 1 month
Team: 2 software engineers
Project stages:

  • writing specification and research - 2 weeks
  • programming - 2 weeks


One of the challenging tasks during the project was writing accurate technical specifications for the solution, due to lack of similar tools present on the market. Another one was working with DAX language for queries which has a syntax.
As a result, our team developed a solution that helps users generate DAX queries for data analysis and report creation without deep knowledge of DAX syntax.
Users working with the DAX query generator just have to describe the layout of the report they need using simple familiar terms, then a DAX query is generated in the DOM (Document Object Module) on the basis of the structure described.


Our solution allows users and engineers to:

  • use simple terms (filter, column) sparing them from the necessity to learn DAX syntax in details
  • automatically generate DAX queries for data analysis, thus saving time spent on application development
  • create reports using data from multiple sources


Microsoft Analysis Services, DAX, .NET, Ranet UI.

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