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Key benefits of Ranet OLAP

Fast and precise data conversion into meaningful information


Less time wasted on BI apps developing


Appropriate for any sphere of company's activity all over the world


Working with business data from any device


Creating reports of any complexity due to user-friendly controls


Benefits of Ranet OLAP for business

  • You obtain information right on time. Ranet OLAP extracts data from the warehouse and presents information in the intuitive form of a pivot table in seconds.
  • Flat learning curve. Working with Ranet OLAP interface doesn’t require any special training.  It is understandable for both programmers and non-technical specialists. Analytical report templates based on pivottable easy and understand to use to focus on solving business problems.
  • Our business intelligence reporting software, Ranet OLAP is easily extendable and integrated into inherited systems or other developers’ systems.
  • Analysis Edition for OLAP reveals insidious facts. Using filters and graphic extensions in OLAP allows detecting hidden patterns and trends of company’s activities.
  • It is comfortable. Using OLAP software, you can retrieve the required data anywhere, wherever in the world you are. Cool graphic extensions and controls assist you in making visible and informative reports, that can be exported into MS Excel or an .xml file.

Ranet OLAP versions


Next-generation pivot table provides analysis for OLAP data. Built on HTML5, JavaScript, and AngularJS with Bootstrap support. Perfect for developing responsive cross-platform applications.


OLAP controls for developing powerful WPF-based desktop BI applications. Analytical report templates implement complex analysis methods in just one click. Includes ABC/XYZ, variance, rating, etc. analysis by several indicators. Easy interface style customization using XAML. High adaptability to other UI frameworks

We provide simple and full-fledged working with multidimensional data

Ranet OLAP pivot table

Ranet OLAP functionality provides easy working with huge and complex datasets

Pivot table designer is one of the core instruments of Ranet OLAP client. It enables you to analyze data from various perspectives via pivot charts, geographic maps, and business graphics.
It consists of 5 active panels, which are involved in the pivot table layout customization process.
A number of services have been designed to simplify analysis of endless columns of values: Drill down and Drill up buttons for viewing detailed and aggregated items respectively, Expand and Collapse commands etc.

MDX is a query language used in Ranet OLAP

MDX is a query language used in Ranet OLAP

The power of MDX allows to extract even the most complex datasets instantly from OLAP cube software. Its best feature is that users can manipulate MDX queries as they want in order to obtain an excellent report. At the same time, collecting data in Ranet OLAP system is a pretty simple process even for users without technical background due to a special Design mode when OLAP system generates queries automatically.

Ranet OLAP drug-and-drop

Rich reporting functionality


  • To make an ad-hoc report you just need to drag-and-drop elements from OLAP Cube Browser to the Selection Panel, which forms the structure of the soon-to-be pivot table.
  • Save your personalized report layout settings on the server to use it for further work wherever you are at the moment.
  • Use built-in OLAP graphic tools to emphasize undercurrent facts and find efficient solutions to discovered business problems.
Ranet OLAP what if

What-if analysis is a helpful option for scenario planning

If OLAP datacubes support a write-back option, you can change data on a certain forecast right in the OLAP cube viewer and compare it to the initial data. Edited cells are clearly highlighted. All changes are isolated to your session so it does not interfere with another user’s work, and cube data will not be lost. At the same time, you can save a report with edited business values for later use in OLAP. What-if analysis is a very helpful feature while drafting future spending plans.

MDX query builder and formatter

MDX query builder and formatter

The area of the MDX query serves to display the MDX query in the pivot table Designer. According to the pivot table design mode, the MDX query may be generated automatically under the settings of the report structure in the report Designer or can be edited manually by the user. MDX Query Builder & Formatter demonstrates main Ranet OLAP library capabilities to create code templates in C# for generating MDX queries, MDX query parsing, and its formatting. You can generate MDX queries based on the templates formed in C# code.

Forward-looking OLAP UI controls

Ranet new design

OLAP UI provides users with intuitive toolbars and controls. Functions names and icons are self-explanatory so you don’t have to surf on panels trying to find the ones you need right now.

A number of OLAP controls have been designed for better and precise data search and excellent interactive reports making. We embedded dozens of controls and graphic features like sparklines, colour fill etc., so you can make your report or some parts of it more visible.

User Documentation

Ranet OLAP is delivered with documentation and also examples of usage.

Our OLAP systems are everywhere

OLAP map

Developers and businesses all over the world including USA, Western and Eastern Europe, Great Britain, China and Asia, Australia, South Africa, India, and other countries use our OLAP analysis tool. Our OLAP applications are actively exploited in healthcare, construction, service, and other kinds of business industries for effective business decision-making and reliable scientific research.

Our clients

Ranet OLAP Client Linnsystems
Ranet OLAP Client DCR Workforce
Ranet OLAP Client Software4you
Ranet OLAP Client Askona
Ranet OLAP Client Rosatom
Ranet OLAP Client Sungard


Rein Parelo Partner, Optime
Optime uses Ranet OLAP data analysis tool for planning functionality in Optime3 product suite. Business planning is one of the most important management information functions, but the lack of simple and reliable tools often complicates this process. The combination of Analysis Services MDX calculations flexibility and Ranet MDX-based planning forms results in a highly configurable but still simple planning solution.
Hanns-Dirk Brinkmann General Manager, Software4You
We are using Ranet OLAP analysis tool as the core of our 4PLAN Electric Eye. As part of the 4PLAN Controlling Solutions Family, 4PLAN Electric Eye performs ad hoc data analysis with Microsoft Analysis Services. Its main focuses are flexibility, performance, and ease of use. With this tool, we have found a user-friendly OLAP control to run high-performance MDX queries and a sophisticated pivot table with the functionality we needed.
Greg Edmund IT Consultant
I was so impressed I just purchased a Saas license just so I can demo the HTML5. I have used this with two other company's I worked for in the silver light days and have watched it mature. The ranet OLAP in the first version blew my mind and every version just got better. The jump to HTML5 has been unbelievable as it just seems to get better every time. Whenever I demo this product to someone there is always a WOW factor that really impresses users. The direction of this tool is the best for displaying data I have ever seen and have been extremely happy.
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