Ranet OLAP demos demonstrate how to use Ranet OLAP for processing multidimensional data from Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services cubes or other XMLA data sources (Pentaho Mondrian, Hyperion Essbase, icCube).
In order to show all features of the pivot grid, Ranet OLAP demos use demonstration database Adventure Works built on Microsoft SQL Server.

Ranet HTML Pivot Table Demo

The online demo demonstrates the functionality of the current version of Ranet Pivot Table for HTML.

Using the demo, you can:
- create pivot table and reports
- use extensions (charts, maps)
- create custom calculations
- apply custom styles, etc.


Ranet OLAP UI for WPF Demo

Get the facts straight with a Ranet UI for WPF that lets your users slice, dice and filter the multidimensional data of your OLAP cube or data warehouse, putting the full power of online analytical processing within your WinForms or WPF applications.

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