Xafari Framework subscription
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Xafari Framework includes

  • More than 100 additional modules;
  • More than 50 additional functions and solutions;
  • More than 40 new editors;
  • More than 10 examples and online BI platforms to explore new opportunities;
  • A set of ERP components;
  • WinForms, WebForms, and ASP.Net MVC platforms support;
  • Qualified and prompt technical support;
  • Detailed online documentation.
Xafari Framework includes

Xafari Framework main benefits

Since the very creation, Xafari was based on DevExpress XAF components. This set of libraries cannot exist without eXpressApp. Xafari is a XAF extension and thus presents modules, concepts and tips to make eXpressApp work even better.  Besides, Xafari provides users with the following benefits:

Xafari main benefits
  • The use of Microsoft.NET;
  • Modular application architecture;
  • Various databases support including MS-SQL, Oracle, and MySql;
  • A highly customizable ergonomic user interface with multiple settings;
  • Application business model, multilevel settings system;
  • Diverse strategies of a security model;
  • Business processes management;
  • Embedded reports generation system;
  • Rapid adaptation as required by the end user;
  • Fast integration with third-party applications;
  • Unlimited capacity to use third-party solutions.

Xafari Framework main features

Xafari modules, that supplement XAF, aimed to achieve three main targets:

  1. Increase performance
  2. Add controls and tools in order to enhance GUI
  3. Create further components for better ERP apps implementation

Xafari Framework is useful for every category of its customers:

Xafari Framework main features for developers
Xafari Framework main features for developers

For developers:

  • Open business library of components and services;
  • Industry standard development language - C# and the best environment - Visual Studio;
  • Data warehouse and prevalent DBMS support;
  • Multitier architecture;
  • Unified user interface Web-Win-Mobile;
  • Business workflow management support;
  • Embedded realization of workflow, archive, clearance and notice procedures;
  • Rapid creation of mock-ups and prototypes;
  • Tools of solutions localization.
Xafari Framework main features for developers

For users:

  • User’s working place usability;
  • Self-service including fast and efficient settings and adaptation tools;
  • Professional solution design.
Xafari Framework main features for developers

For administrators

  • Cloud architecture support (Azure, Amazon);
  • Rapid deployment and update;
  • An opportunity to adapt and scale up without programming.

User Documentation

Xafari is delivered with very detailed documentation, describing all settings, containing screenshots to all the options and also examples of usage.

Xafari Framework components for Devexpress

General components

General Components present a perfect set that extends XAF features. It has three purposes:

  • Make UI ergonomic better
  • Add new functions
  • Boost performance

Performance of above mentioned aims makes DevExpress XAF tools more attractive. The key point is that General Components can be integrated in the app separately. In the same time, the components do not destroy solution’s architecture and will not bring global changes to the concept.

ERP components

Xafari libraries allow a .NET developer to build an ERP system from multiple applications on different platforms. This concept gives developer opportunity to solve specific tasks on the most suitable platform. In the same time, the system integrity will be saved. The AppHosts are responsible for a start of such system creations.


XAF is a Lego constructor for WinForms, WebForms and .NET. Xafari adds parts line to this constructor in order to build an ASP.NET MVC application. But, XAF ASP.NET WebForms has such problems as:

  • slow reaction caused by user’s actions;
  • logic page reloading when dealing with simple requests which contain a small data amount from the server.

Xafari for ASP.NET MVC has the following solutions for the above mentioned problems:

  • provides full control over HTML code, thus developer can manipulate any code part  without need to rebuild application after that;
  • asynchronous fast way of simple requests processing.

Xafari MVC is XAF ASP.NET Web Forms alternative in this way. Xafari MVC is a combination of additional modules and technologies developed to extend DevExpress libraries and to create MVC based XAF applications.

Unleash the data potential through Xafari solutions

Xafari solves the following tasks:

  • data storage and analysis;
  • accounting of assets, resources, personnel, equipment, etc.;
  • various business processes of any automation complexity;
  • performance of different computational operations with business objects;
  • reporting formation.

Such systems as Galaktika EAM, AMM, HCM CPM, Class Sсhedule, MCM are developed on Xafari basis:


Corporate Performance Management enables companies and corporate groups permanently manage business concerning strategy, processes, and performance. All participants of the process possess an opportunity to monitor, control, consolidate, and analyze the execution of tasks and plans. Galaktika CPM assists in the procedures of business assessment, undercurrents detection, key budgetary processes support, consolidation and report generation optimization, staff resources information control, procurement, stock, and sales control, customers and suppliers analysis, indebtedness analysis and prediction, liquidity and solvency management, etc.


Human capital management maintains the whole cycle of the employee engagement and helps structure and facilitate the process. It includes the set of all necessary components to implement the strategy of the business objective regarding interacting with an employee. Owing to Galaktika HCM the user is enabled to automate headhunting given the requirements of the enterprise, organize the management of employee training, create a database of all the information about employees, automate report generation, integrate the application with other corporate systems (e.g. Galaktika ERP).


Manufacturing cooperation management is a solution to manage manufacturing cooperation of complex machine-building products. The system provides an opportunity to assess resource potential and generate production orders among all cooperation participants; detect and assess bottlenecks while planning the production of the cooperation; expand production capacities simultaneously at multiple plants belonging to the complex networks of the cooperation; redistribute the production of separate nodes and aggregates among the enterprises. Galaktika MCM is based on the Galaktika AMM platform.

Xafari Framework use

Xafari map

Xafari framework provides great assistance to the representatives of oil and gas industry, mechanical engineering, defense industry, food industry, construction, agro-industrial sector, and education. The application is widely spread across all over the world due to successful expanding and optimizing business logic.

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