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Business Intelligence Tools and Technologies

Business Intelligence solutions deliver ways and technologies to handle business data. Thanks to our BI applications your company can incorporate powerful software to always keep an eye on the business evolution. We supply three BI products which encompass a variety of sophisticated methods to solve everyday issues occurring on the market. Business Intelligence and SaaS solutions we endow are completely suitable to meet the needs of small and medium businesses, organizations, and corporations owing to their scalability, customizability, and usability. Due to our business analytics software which we provide, you will add value to the managing process by improving your clients’ satisfaction, increasing sales rate, and developing well-cooperated work within the teams. You will be enabled to monitor your customers’ conversion, contentment, and retention without having to carry out time-consuming analysis or to compose heavyweight reports.

Our Business Intelligence software

Xafari Framework preview
$ 299

Xafari Framework

Xafari Framework is a set of powerful libraries that significantly extend the functionality of popular DevExpress XAF platform aimed to generate applications to be functional and extremely quick to react. The software designed by XAF is intended to satisfy the requirements of a constantly evolving business environment.

The framework includes highly functional controls that provide seamless business application development for Win, Web and MVC. Some of them are based on corresponding XAF controls and expand them, while others deliver completely new UI features, functionality, and performance enhancement.

Xafari Framework is a Business Intelligence dream of any developer who has to produce top-level, high quality tailored software solutions for business end-users. By means of the framework, it is real and convenient to create relevant trend applications and products serving for diverse kinds of needs including marketing ones.

Using Xafari lets engineers quickly create simple tools for personal use, as well as complex enterprise solutions for thousands of users. The framework supports all DevExpress XAF concepts and approaches to business applications development, allowing you to develop solutions that are powerful, fast, and efficient.

Ranet OLAP preview
$ 695

Ranet OLAP

Ranet OLAP is a set of rich OLAP data analysis controls that give you an all-in-one instrument for quick data analysis and reporting. Connect it easily to your OLAP cube data and start creating interactive reports of any complexity in an instant, without having any IT skills and experience. User-friendly UI lets you design and generate your reports by just dragging and dropping elements on the screen.

For the ease of use, you will have all real-time required data right at your fingertips in a clear and readable format. A great variety of sources, the business intelligence system pulls the data from, ensures complete awareness of the marketing environment situation and allows you to meet the issues head-on.

Ranet OLAP business intelligence analysis tool offers prompt and accurate multidimensional data processing for your Web and Win applications, in all browsers and on all devices. It provides business owners and analysts with deep insights into their company’s data, and engineers – with tools to create high-functionality BI applications.

With the Ranet OLAP BI tools, you will be able not only to track your customers’ activity but also to monitor internal performance of the company and share significant data with your teammates to enhance the synergy of the departments.

Here you can find more information about OLAP technology.

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Our Business Intelligence applications

The BI products delivered by Galaktikasoft support companies in successful business management by providing them with highly responsive BI software applications and tools. Owing to our business intelligence software solutions the end-users are utterly equipped to explore and combine vast volumes of data extracted from disparate sources, simulate business scenarios, carry out multidimensional business analysis, execute ad-hoc querying, perform dashboarding, reporting, budgeting, planning, and forecasting. Ranet OLAP, Ranet Analytics, and Xafari Framework will empower everyone in the organization from a CEO to a Sales manager letting them convert scattered data into meaningful insights assisting in establishing the benchmarks for the future business development.

We provide the end-users with a deep and detailed documentation on the exploitation aspects of the Business Intelligence software solutions and tools we supply. There is likewise a support center to keep you on standby to solve everyday business issues emerging.

The services for BI management we provide

Our services

Our professionals perform quality work quickly and at a reasonable price, completing high-quality custom development of business applications based on the latest and reliable Microsoft technologies: .NET Framework, SQL Server, MVC and Entity Framework etc.

Customers Support

Our support team is ready to answer all your questions. We usually answer all the tickets and questions within 24 hours. You are as well always free to look through our tickets library to see if the issue you are having has already occurred to the business intelligence tools, you are exploiting, and if it has been solved respectively.

User guide

Detailed documentation is available for every product. Figure out how to manage each of our BI products without a need to spend much time on gaining special skills in IT.
We regularly update the instructions to keep them corresponding to the new versions.

Clients and Partners

Companies from all around the world are our clientele. There are companies included into the Fortune Global 500 list among them.

Our Clients

Get to know the case studies demonstrating the way our technical professionals deal with the needs and requirements of the businesses and organizations requesting our assistance in developing and supporting business intelligence software products.

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