Reviews on Galaktikasoft company

Rein Parelo Partner, Optime
Optime uses Ranet OLAP data analysis tool for planning functionality in Optime3 product suite. Business planning is one of the most important management information functions, but the lack of simple and reliable tools often complicates this process. The combination of Analysis Services MDX calculations flexibility and Ranet MDX-based planning forms results in a highly configurable but still simple planning solution.
Hanns-Dirk Brinkmann General Manager, Software4You
We are using Ranet OLAP analysis tool as the core of our 4PLAN Electric Eye. As part of the 4PLAN Controlling Solutions Family, 4PLAN Electric Eye performs ad hoc data analysis with Microsoft Analysis Services. Its main focuses are flexibility, performance, and ease of use. With this tool, we have found a user-friendly OLAP control to run high-performance MDX queries and a sophisticated pivot table with the functionality we needed.
Greg Edmund IT Consultant
I was so impressed I just purchased a Saas license just so I can demo the HTML5. I have used this with two other company's I worked for in the silver light days and have watched it mature. The ranet OLAP in the first version blew my mind and every version just got better. The jump to HTML5 has been unbelievable as it just seems to get better every time. Whenever I demo this product to someone there is always a WOW factor that really impresses users. The direction of this tool is the best for displaying data I have ever seen and have been extremely happy.
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