Accelator - after runnin nothink change


Hi, I tried Accletaro. I Add to my project and nothing change.
- I run app, and click to "start accelerator", than restart app
- Nothink changes and in tool bar I see "Start app"

where du I make error?

best regards


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Sergey ZaitsevAgent

Hi Stepan

If Start Accelerator action still enabled then Model Cache is very old or exists.

Xafari.Accelerator synchronizes the model cache with generated DCAssembly.dll. And If model cache is older than the DCAssembly accelerator delete model cache files. DCAssembly is generated by XAF after every solution compilation.

Try to:

  • run application without debug
  • start accelerator
  • exit from application
  • run application without debug again
  • check Start Accelerator action is disabled

Please inform me if my advise does not help you



Than you - it is ok.

One more question - is it posible start Accelerator from code?


Sasha (Xafari Support)Client

Hello Stepan,

We don't recommend to start Accelerator from code, because you will need to restart your application anyway (restart needed to start using the cache).
But, if you want to start Accelerator from code, you can run the Accelerator in your window controller using code:


To stop Accelerator:


We hope you find this information helpful.
If you need any further assistance on this subject, let us know about it.

Thanks, Sasha.


Hello Sasha,

thank you. I have one more question:

Is it possible save file .Accellerator.xafml to anther directory that app.folder?

best regards


Sasha (Xafari Support)Client

Hi Stepan,

Our documentation informs you: "The Accelerator's files ApplicationName.Accelerator.xafml (ApplicationName.Accelerator_locale.xafml) are stored in the same folder that has the ModelAssembly.dll file. By default, it is the application folder." You can change directory for Accelerator.xafml by use standart DevExpress methods.

Let us know if you need further assistance.
Best regards,

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