After installing the new version Ranet 3.7 there are no source code examples

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Petr Client

We have been using the OLAP Ranet Silverlight client for some time.
I installed the latest ranet hoping to update (we’re on 3.5).
I don’t think this install folder is the same as last time (for the sample):






Last time it seemed like there was a whole test project to open in Visual Studio
Also do you have a change log of 3.5 to the latest version. I couldn’t find one anywhere.


Joe Garro <>


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Petr Administrator

Now you can download examples from a demo applications. Click [View Code] button to view the source code. To download the demo example, click [Download source code] button (the right-hand area of the application window). If the area in not present -  activate her on the button [Options]. After downloading the archive, unzip it and open the project in Visual Studio.

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