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I am trying the ASPxGroupPropertyEditor in my project. I read the documentation here and have implemented a domain class TestClass as seen in TestClass.txt in the included zip. I am using EF as my ORM but class is non percistent so should be of no importance. Just saying because i will use it with persistent classes too.
I have created the required views in model plus the changes in the TestClass_DetailView as you can see in Model.png. I have also added a navigation item to open the desired detail view using Application.CustomProcessShortcut event in WebModule and creating a dummy object there before opening. The end result is that although the detail view opens in edit mode the child property editors are disabled. The one property outside of the ASPxGroup is behaving ok. See screenshot result.png. Any ideas?

sidenote: including Xafari.Editors module in my application changes all default editors from XAF to xafari one. Can i disable this so i leave XAF defaults and only choose xafari when needed?

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Thanks for the provided information.
We are going to investigate it. Give us some time.

Best regards, Sasha.

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Hello Sasha,

Any updates on the issue?


Sasha (Xafari Support)Client


My apologies for the delay.
Please, set in your class the property ThisObject as the following property:

public TestClass ThisObject
get { return this; }

Please inform us of your results.
Thanks, Sahsa.

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Thank you Sasha. With this the view is properly in edit mode. Must have missed it when reading the example.

Sasha (Xafari Support)Client

You're welcome!

Feel free to contact us if you experience any further difficulties.
Best regards,

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