Attachments is not working in Xafari

Basil BazizClient

Hi followed the standard on the standard template for Xafari, for adding the attachment to a record but it does not work:
1. Enabled the standard DevExpress.Presistent.BaseImpl.FileData
2. Added the code to my Business Object as following:

public FileData Document
get { return _attachment; }
set { SetPropertyValue("FileDataAttached", ref _attachment, value); }
private FileData _attachment;

I tried also the following BO but also not working ofcourse after allowing (DevExpress.Persistent.BaseImpl.FileAttachmentBase) in Base Module :

public class Attachment : DevExpress.Persistent.BaseImpl.FileAttachmentBase
{ // Inherit from a different class to provide a custom primary key, concurrency and deletion behavior, etc. (
public Attachment(Session session)
: base(session)

public override void AfterConstruction()

// Place your initialization code here (

More info:
Xafari Version 17.1.3011
Devexpress Version 17.1.

I attached both how Xafari behave & how standard XAF behave with Attachments *by same Business Object code


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Basil BazizClient


I resolved the problem by Adding (FileAttachmentsWindowsFormsModule) to Windows Module.


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