bugs on DetailView generation


If the business object has DateTime property, the detailview generate abnormal.
In my solution, domaincompent1 have 8 properties. It's detailView have two columns.
If I do not use Xafari, the two columns would go fifty-fifty the view width.
But after I use Xafari, the column which have DateTime property would keep width.
The detailView is ugly-looking.
I hope the two columns can divide the width equally. the DateTime property can have minwidth and maxwidth.
attached is my question and sample solution.


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Sasha (Xafari Support)Client

Hello nickcole,

You can set MinWidth and MaxWidth a value = 0 at first solution this issue (see your attached file 02.png).
Please, inform us if this answer is suit for you.

Thanks, Sasha.


Thank you Sasha.
Yes. I can set MinWidth and MaxWidth a value = 0 or ModelDefault('MinWidth','0') to avoid the detailView generation ugly.
But I want 'MinWidth' and ‘MaxWidth’ only constrain the propertyEditor's width . and don't constrain the layout column' width.
Do you have better solution?

Sasha (Xafari Support)Client

Hi nickcole,

The DevExpress provides this behavior for DetailView at a MinimumSize/MaximumSize of items. As solution, you can add empty space for item with MinimumSize/MaximumSize, see attached file FieldSize.zip.

We hope you find this information helpful. Let us know if you need further assistance.
Best regards,

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thank you Sasha !
Its OK!

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