Can I use local html as context help?


My solution is winform application.
I has local html help.
Can I use local html file as context help?
attached file is my solution.


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Thank you for your ticket. We are working on your issue. It will take some additional time.

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Hello nickcole,

If you want use ContextHelp using a local html help and template {0:Id}.htm, you can take follow steps:
- set a HelpSite in ModelEditor (Options->Help), HelpSite property specifies the address your resource (HelpSite.png);
- set a DefaultHelpPage (ModelEditor->Views), DefaultHelpPage property specifies the format(template) a string. This format string define, how to the URL for the current View will be generated (DefaultHelpPage.png).
As result, you get HelpPage for your views: HelpPage.png.

We hope you find this information helpful.
Let us know if you need further assistance.
Thanks, Sasha.

Sasha (Xafari Support)Client
>> I has do as your answer.
'Show View Help' is Ok.
But 'Show Help' has error.
01.png is Show View Help
02.png is Show Help
03.png is my help folder.

Hi nickcole,
To start we planed for a Show Help action as address of site, where the Show Help action get site address from ModelEditor of property HelpSite. And action Show View Help open page the Show Help site: address = HelpSite + HelpPage. To the issue you can deactivate Show Help action or add controller for the Show Help action, where a custom page will be specified.

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