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serggonn Client

Hello, i am close ticket but not download example because not exists. And in Details1.Master1 using XPWeakReference instead XPWeakReferenceStruct. Please add attach in this ticket


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Sasha (Xafari Support) Client

Hello serggonn,

Unfortunately a function ‘upload a file’ is not available at the moment.

This issue is solved.

Page example using XPWeakReferenceStruct.
[ For OwnerSupport:

namespace ...
public interface IOwnerSupport
object Owner { get; }
[DomainComponent] [NonPersistentDc] public interface OwnerSupport : IOwnerSupport
[Browsable(false)] new object Owner { get; }

[DomainLogic(typeof(OwnerSupport))] public class OwnerSupportLogic : DomainLogicBase
public OwnerSupportLogic(OwnerSupport instance) : base(instance)

public object Owner
return this.Instance.GetValueByTerm(“Owner”);}}}}


If you have any more questions contact us.

Thanks, Sasha.

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