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in the documentation at
I do not see how to create a custom arm item.
I would like to create a custom Report Arm Item that shows a listview on the left and report on the right
and end user filters the report based on the listview selection.
the listview and report are set in the model


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We are always happy to help our clients.
Unfortunately, at the moment we do not have a ready-made example of how this can be done only using Xafari tools (display a report on the right, perhaps DockPanls are suitable for this).
We need some time to prepare the answer.

You can also see the ticket Show a xafari report in a dashboard. It has an example of how you can display a report on the right using Xafari and Xpand.
If this option suits you, let us know .

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

On behalf of Xafari Client Services Team

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