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I am evaluating v19.2.5, how do you create a custom ArmsMainFormTemplate based on other templates ex outlookstyle


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MariyaVoytovich Agent


Sorry for the delay in reply.

In order to add armas to the template, the templates must have a DockManager.

1. Create a new template and open the template designer.
2. add the right side dockPanel for arms, change the caption
3. add Xafari ArmItemsActionContainer control to this dock panel from toolbox.
4. save the changes and open the source code of the template (ArmsMainFormTemplate.cs file)
5. extend the class with an interface ISupportArms
6. implement the SetArmsCaption method of the ISupportArms interface
insert the code in the method

public void SetArmsCaption(string caption)
this.DockPanelArms.Text = caption;

7. change the method IFrameTemplate.GetContainers.

ICollection IFrameTemplate.GetContainers()
return new IActionContainer[1] { this.armItemsActionContainer1 };

For example see attached files.

Feel free to contact us if you need further assistance or have additional questions.

On behalf of Xafari Client Services Team

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