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gabossolo Client

Hi -- Could please help me the how to create an import Schema for ExcelDataSource?


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MariyaVoytovich Agent

Hello gabossolo!

The code below shows an example of importing data from Excel.
For the example, the Shipper object was used from the demo Northwind.

public void ImportShippersFromExcel()
// Arrange
var shipperType = typeof(Shipper);
ITypeInfo shipperTypeInfo = XafTypesInfo.CastTypeToTypeInfo(shipperType);

ISettings settings = new ImportSettings();

ISchema schema = new Schema();

const string tableName = "Shippers";
ITypeMap shipperTypeMap = new TypeMap(shipperTypeInfo.FullName, tableName);

shipperTypeMap.KeyMemberName = "Oid";
shipperTypeMap.KeyMemberType = shipperTypeInfo.FindMember("Oid").MemberType.FullName;
shipperTypeMap.KeyColumnName = "ShipperID";
shipperTypeMap.KeyColumnType = "System.Int32";

shipperTypeMap.MemberMapping.Add(new MemberMap(shipperTypeInfo.FindMember("Name").Name, "CompanyName"));
shipperTypeMap.MemberMapping.Add(new MemberMap(shipperTypeInfo.FindMember("Phone").Name, "Phone"));

settings.Schema = schema;

const string sourcePath = "Northwind.xls";
IDataSource dataSource = new ExcelDataSource(sourcePath);
dataSource.Schema = settings.Schema;

IOperation operation = new ImportOperation(Application);
operation.DataSource = dataSource;
operation.Settings = settings;

// Act


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