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Lars PlatzdaschClient


we add to a App 14.2.6 / with DataBaseUserSetting saved in DB. / the XAFARI.DLLs. After that all User Model changes will be not saved in DatabaseUserSettings in DB.

whats wrong if we use our to change some entry's in Views, do the Merge to Model Action in DodelDesigner but the DatabaseSettigs are not updated for all Users.
Without XafAri.DLL it was working. Maybe i miss a setting or a dll?

I see the changes in local App Folder of Win.App with the current username. But this is not that what i like to have.

Can you help me fast?


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Hello Lars,

I am sorry but I can't reproduce your issue.
Could you please provide me a full list of Xafari modules that you added to you application.


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