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Muzzle Dnm Client

Is it possible to set dockpanel's size to it's initial(minimum height and width) size dynamically after undocking from a zone. I've tried ASPxDockManager client side events(StartPanelDragging, EndPanelDragging) but couldn't find a way to achieve this properly on client side with these events


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Muzzle Dnm Client

by after undocking, i mean changing dockpanel size while dragging panel(after undocking it from a zone).

Sasha (Xafari Support) Client

Hello Muzzle,

Please give us additional information about the dockpanel's size after undocking.
Do you want get size of DockPanel after undocking:
- as size in DockZone
- as size larger than the minimum size the DockPanel
- as minimum size DockPanel always?
Or you can describe your situation.

Also you can change minimum size of each DockPanel in ModelEditor (see attached file We hope you find this information helpful.

Best regards,

Sasha (Xafari Support) Client

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Muzzle Dnm Client

Hello Sasha,

Thank you for the video. In your video, after undocking a panel the dockpanel resizes itself to it's size(before docking operation). 02:20 - 02:33

Actually what we need is similar but different than this. in my case, the dockpanel should resize itself to it's size(which is minimum height and width in the model editor, so it's a constant size) as user starts dragging the panel and undocks the panel from a zone.

I know it sounds complicated but to be more clear what i want is something like this :
- In your example, After undocking panel from a zone + after dropping the panel --> dockpanel resizes itself to it's previous size before docking
- In my example, it should be like undocking the panel from a zone + StartPanelDragging --> dockpanel should resize itself to it's minimum width and minimum height(specified in the model editor) in the dragging process

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