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Is there some documentation on the ASPxXafariGridListEditor with regard to the Action that is automatically added to the listview (Actions ->Appearancerules). I want to now the following:
- How to localize these actions
- How to show/hide these actions based on SecurityRoles (SecurityStrategy complex).
I noticed that all my gridlistview editors got replaced with the Xafari equivalents. Is there a way to disable this?


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Yury GermanClient

Hi, Martin,
Sorry for the delay with the answer.
We are preparing the information for you and we will respond as soon as we are ready.

Sasha (Xafari Support)Client

Hallo, Martin


1. ASPxXafariGridListEditor functionality is similar to the standart XAF ASPxGridListEditor with additional template support.
Documentation for ASPxXafariGridListEditor in English have not developed yet. We will inform you when this documentation is done.


2. Action can be localized in the Model. Please, watch the video  ActionLocalization.
You can also read the articles about Localization and How to: Localize an XAF Application


3. Action ApperianceRule is added automatically. This action can be disabled in Model:
Model | ActionDesign | ActionToContainerMapping | Actions | saApperianceRule (Delete it)
Please, watch the video HideAction.


4. You can read documentation about actions based on SecurityRoles (SecurityStrategy complex) at page
(General Purpose Modules | XafariSecurityModule (Xafari.Security.dll) | Extra Permissions | Start here)


5. Indeed, some XAF editors are replaced with Xafari editors. This replacement can be changed in the model.
Please, see attached files ChangeEditors.png and ChangeEditorViews.png.
This action must be performed for each object or view.


If you want to set your editor by default, you can programmatically register your custom editor with the last parameter true.
Or you can register the editor by using attribute PropertyEditor and set last parameter true.


I hope you find the information helpful.


Thanks, Sasha.

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