Don't get the Xafari Modules in the Toolbox

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I'm trying to get the Xafari modules in my toolbox.

This is what i allready tried.

Uninstall Devexpress
Uninstall Xafari

Install: DevExpressComponentsBundle-18.1.6.exe
Install: Xafari.Framework-18.1.6011.1540.msi

Start Visual Studio 2017

The DevExpress components are registered.

I open an existing DevExpress solution and open the Module.cs file.
I still cannot find the Xafari modules in my toolbox.

see image: Toolbox.png

Can u tell me what else i can try?


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MariyaVoytovich Agent

Hello TransportMaster!

To solve the issue we recommend you follow steps:

- Install VS Toolbox: Start -> Xafari Framework v18.1.6011 -> Tools -> Install VS Toolbox
- run VS and Reset Toolbox (if this step doesn't help, you can repair Toolbox):

Please inform us of your results.
Regards, Masha.

TransportMaster Client

Thank you, that worked.

Regards, Carl

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