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Nikki Martin Client

I have visited your documentation page, and cannot seem to find an End User Guide. Lots of stuff to set this up. We have done this but I need some help on end user features. How to set Up Calculations and filtering. This Ranet client is a bit different than Silverlight.
thank you


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MariyaVoytovich Agent

Hello Nikki Martin!

We are happy to help you.

Here you can describe your problem in detail and we will try to help you.

On behalf of Xafari Client Services Team

Nikki Martin Client

How do I select all after applying a filter

Nikki Martin Client

When I apply additional filters using the 'Filter' tab, It seems that this is only available if the field is in the rows or columns, and it will not filter on the criteria I chose if I move the field to the 'filters' area

Nikki Martin Client

Is there a way to have the data points populate each 'cell' so that when for example I export to Excel, all the rows are populated?

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