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Nikki MartinClient

I have visited your documentation page, and cannot seem to find an End User Guide. Lots of stuff to set this up. We have done this but I need some help on end user features. How to set Up Calculations and filtering. This Ranet client is a bit different than Silverlight.
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Nikki MartinClient

How do I select all after applying a filter

Nikki MartinClient

When I apply additional filters using the 'Filter' tab, It seems that this is only available if the field is in the rows or columns, and it will not filter on the criteria I chose if I move the field to the 'filters' area

Nikki MartinClient

Is there a way to have the data points populate each 'cell' so that when for example I export to Excel, all the rows are populated?

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Vyacheslav SemenkovClient

1. You select desired members, then you remove filter and select "All" member. Enabling filter inflattens list on purpose.

2. This is the way Excel works. If you move measure inside filters area selection that you configure in member choise area affect MDX request. But selection that is configured from filter area affect MDX requests only if measure is inside Rows or Columns. We will discuss, if this should be reworked.

3. Currently there is no way to do it.

Nikki MartinClient

For Question #1. I dont think you solved my problem. I want to know if there is a way to 'select all' when filtering.
For example when I filter for the 'Caption or Name' to contain 'XX' there are a LOT of results. Do I have to individually select each result. Prior in the Silverlight client there was an 'All' option.

Also can you explain the differences in the drop down for Caption, Name, UniqueName and Key0? Thank you

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