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albert.ortiz Client

I'm creating a wizard on my app and when I try to open it, I receive the error "Cannot create template by name: 'Wizard3'.
I take a look at the Demo but I didn't find my error. I follow these steps:

- On my controller, I added a WizardAction and, in the Wizard section, fill these properties:

- ObjectType: my object type. It's a non-persistent class
- StepsCount: 2
- TemplateContext: Wizard3

When I update the model, the wizard is generated automatically and everything is ok. When I run the application and execute the action, I receive the error.

If I run your demo, everything is ok.



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Sasha (Xafari Support) Agent

Hello, Albert

I recommend you check connection required modules:

-  add XafariModule in Module.cs

- add XafariWinModule in WinApplication.cs

- add XafariWebModule in WebApplication.cs

Similarly you can add other modules: editors, security, report.


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