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My problem is as follows,

I have a business object called MT_Proposals, and in this business object i have a property called ProposalType(CT_Proposal_Types which is another BO). I've cloned MT_Proposals_ListView and created two ListViews called 'MT_Proposals_ListView_ProjectProposal' and 'MT_Proposals_ListView_SalesProposal', and these new Listviews have the following data criteria in the model editor;

'MT_Proposals_ListView_ProjectProposal's data criteria : [ProposalType.ProposalTypeName] = 'Project Proposal'
'MT_Proposals_ListView_SalesProposal' data criteria : [ProposalType.ProposalTypeName] = 'Project Sales'

The problem is, filtering works fine in the Listviews but when i click new button in one of these two listviews, i expect it to set 'ProposalType' field correctly in the detailview, but it always sets 'Project Proposal' as ProposalType. In debug mode, when i look at call stack i see these methods run by Xafari.

1-) Xafari.dll!Xafari.Controllers.ListViewCriteriaObjectCreatingController.NewObjectViewController_ObjectCreating(object sender, DevExpress.ExpressApp.SystemModule.ObjectCreatingEventArgs e) Line 119

2-) Xafari.dll!Xafari.XafariExtensions.FillObjectByCriteria(DevExpress.Data.Filtering.CriteriaOperator cOperator, object newObject, DevExpress.ExpressApp.IObjectSpace objectSpace, System.Collections.Generic.IList skipMembers) Line 392

3-) DevExpress.ExpressApp.v16.2.dll!DevExpress.ExpressApp.DC.XafMemberInfo.SetValue(object obj, object value) Line 113

After Xafari's FillObjectByCriteria, DevExpress.ExpressApp.v16.2.dll!DevExpress.ExpressApp.DC.XafMemberInfo.SetValue(object obj, object value) value parameter comes 'Project Proposal'.

Unfortunately i do not have Xafari's source code, so i do not have any idea what's happening in this FillObjectByCriteria method. I'd be glad if you could help me. I've attached an image to give you a better idea.

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Sasha (Xafari Support)Client

Hello Kray,

Thanks for the provided information!
We are going to investigate it. Please give us additional time.

Best regards,


By the way,

It's a web application, Xafari.Framework-16.2.6011.1110, XAF version 16.2.6


Sasha (Xafari Support)Client

Hello Kray,

We apologize for the delayed response.
We have replicated this behavior and we are going to fix the issue in next build.

Let us know if you need further assistance.
Thanks, Sasha.

Sasha (Xafari Support)Client


This issue for FillObjectByCriteria solved in Xafari.Framework-17.1.3011.1189.
You can test the Xafari version for your task.

Please, feel free to contact us in case of any difficulty.
Best regards,

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