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gedmund Client

I have been working with your example ranetPivotMdxDesigner.jquery.html how do i add a filter to this page from code? A small example would be great to look at.


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olegorehva Agent

Thank you for the ticket.

You may see how to set filter on the page ranetDynamicPivotGrid.jquery.html.

gedmund Client

I don't see that the filter is actually populated on the designer. for example I only want the data from 2008 to display filtering out everything else on the third page. What I need is to populate the filter from code in the example you cited the filter was empty in all three

olegorehva Agent

Please see the attached files.

Structure of filter is not easy. You can get it by following next steps:

1. Open index.html

2. Create report that you would like (using filters)

3. Save report

4. Open report file in storage (it is xml file)

3. Translate the property "SelectionNodes" from xml to json format


gedmund Client

Thanks this is what I was looking for

gedmund Client

Thanks this is what I was looking for

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