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Lars PlatzdaschClient


at what time it is possible that we can have an Online TeamViewer Session to help one of my DEVs to work with our current projects ( we can take one ) and your XafAri Framework?
We have a try and Error Session in last 1,5 Months behind us. Nothing of you XAFARI will work without any error. I hope we have done something wrong and your DEV Support can help us.

My Topics: DynamicPropertys iin DC, ARMs , Model Differences Store, Audit and Branches ( in Order of Prio from High to low)


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Yury GermanClient

Hi Lars


Unfortunately we are not ready for Online TeamViewer Session.


You can send us your project with your questions and we will answer.
As well we offer development service. For your situation Time&Material strategy could be the best choice. We can sign an NDA of course.


Feel free to contact us for this reason.

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