Hiding Mdx Query options in tool (Ranet)

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mounika.atmakur Client


We don't want  to show  any options that related to Mdx Query .Can you please help us how  to hide this options in tool .

Please look at the screen shot which i attached

Thanks in advance!!

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Petr Administrator

Hi Mouinka!

Now you can hide only one button Show MDX Query:

void InitMdxDesignerButtonClick(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)



pivotMdxDesignerControl.Connection = tbOLAPConnectionStringId.Text;

pivotMdxDesignerControl.AutoExecuteQuery = true;

pivotMdxDesignerControl.ShowMDXQuery_ButtonVisible = false;



We will make improvements source code to synchronize access to  the other buttons for to work with MDX Query.

Best regards,

Ranet Dev Team


Hi ,

Though i added this line while initializing the Component am unable to hide the button.Can you please look at the screen shot  which i attached and let me know whether i added in correct place or not .

and am using pivotMdxDynamicControl component.

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Petr Administrator

Hi Mounika!

For setting up a Toolbar in MdxDynamic recommend using an example Mdx Dynamic with Toolkit Chart (look Page.xaml -> swc:TabItem Header="Mdx Dynamic with Toolkit Chart").
You can hide the standard Toolbar Ranet and re-form their own.

Best regards,
Ranet Dev Team

Petr Administrator

Hi Mounika!

Issue is implemented in version Ranet.UILibrary.Olap.Silverlight 3.5. When it is necessary you can order a new build.

Best regards
Ranet Dev Team

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