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http://documentation.xafari.net/HierarchyNodeListEditorNodeSample.zip is referenced in your example about the HierarchyNodeListEditor. However the link produces an error (404 age not found).
Just copying the code in the docs gives an error about not implemented functions required by the interface (SetHierarchyParent, SetHierarchyNodeFullPath, GetHierarchyNodeFullPath,SetHierarchyNodeFullName,GetHierarchyNodeFullName)


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Sasha (Xafari Support)Client

Hello Martin,

For working with drag-and-drop your object should be inherited from interface IHierarchyNodeEx in Tools->EditModel(or ModelEditor)->Views->NameObject_ListView.

Thank, Sasha.


Re: The program now fails to compile with the following message: Xafari.Base.IHierarchyNodeEx is now obsolete. Use the IHierarchyNode interface.

I created a testproject but the Ticket system can not upload files (“System error. Uploads directory isn’t writable or excecutable”).

Ok, solved it by reading the DevExpress website which states : “By design, the DevExpress, Moderno, Metropolis and Office 2010 themes do not display tree lines and grid lines within the ASPxTreeList. Switch to a different theme to view and manipulate tree and grid line settings in this demo.”
That solves the problem for now, not sure what this mean for future versions.

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