HotFix DX build broke MultiThreadValueManager

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Scott Gross Client

we have been following this ticket for some time and they have finally updated it so we can use the security module as we need.

I have Xafari 15.2.408.651 installed and this issue reappeared after installing this update.

Are you able to replicate with this HotFix build and any ideas or workarounds to get the server back up?


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Nikolay Agent

Hello Scott,

Would you please provide more details about the issue, a sample project or an exception message? Can I use a sample MainDemo project attached to the DX ticket you mentioned? What Xafari modules I need to add to replicate the bug?


Yury German Client

As XAF 15.2.5 and Xafari 15.2.508.692 were released, let me close the ticket

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