How to get the OwnerTargetKey + OwnerSupport

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Following this example how to get OwnerTargetKey of the owner type (Airline) ?

Contact interface:
public interface Contact : XafariObject, OwnerSupport
[PersistentDc] [Browsable(false)] XPWeakReferenceStruct ContactOwner { get; set; }

[DomainLogic(typeof(Contact))] public class ContactLogic : DomainLogics.Main
public Main(Contact instance) : base(instance) { }

public ContactsSupport Owner
get => (ContactsSupport)Instance.ContactOwner.GetTargetObject(Session);
set => Instance.ContactOwner = XPWeakReferenceStruct.SetTargetObject(value);

ContactsSupport interface:

[DomainComponent] [NonPersistentDc] interface ContactsSupport
[VisibleInDetailView(true)] [Aggregated] [NonPersistentDc] [BackReferenceProperty("ContactOwner")] IList Contacts { get; }

[DomainLogic(typeof(ContactsSupport))] public class ContactsSupportLogic : DomainLogics.Main
public Main(ContactsSupport instance) : base(instance) { }

public IList Get_Contacts() => GetWeakList("Contacts");

Airline interface:

public interface Airline : XafariObject, ContactsSupport { }


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MariyaVoytovich Agent

Hello gabossolo!

I apologize for the delayed response.
The code you sent is not correct.

Please send us the correct code in Attached Files and describe the task in more detail.

On behalf of Xafari Client Services Team

gabossolo Client

It’s OK. Thanks.

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