How to Initialize a role to ReadOnly ?


In relation to the ticket 'Display Records Based on Login User" I forgot to ask the question on How to automate a certain role so that restrictions to the current classes and future addition of classes with be automatically set to Read only and Navigate only?
I noticed that on the last video, which is showing how to assign permission of each employee to classes like on that example which is the Attendance class is correctly demonstrated in detail how to do it. My question is, if i will be adding many many classes which is common in all applications, Is there a way to globally restrict the user role in the example to Readonly and Navigate only in all the classes that will be created? so that the developer will not set a role for each class to be created aside from the Attendance class on the demo.Thanks!


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Your question is about core XAF features.

Unfortunately, we don't provide XAF support.

Please refer to XAF Documentation or DevExpress Support Center.

Feel free to ask us any further question.

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