How to pass parameter to Sub report?


May I kindly ask a question on how to pass parameters from main report to sub report? I have a Date From and Date To parameters on Both reports and set each reports filter criteria on these parameters, however there are four parameters that appear , I want to put just two parameters for the main report and pass the same value to sub report at runtime. Pls help me on this . Thanks very much!


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Xafari Framework expands XAF and Xafari Reports work as Devexpress Reports.
To get started with reports you must read the tutorial for DevExpress Reports and Subreports.

Xafari Reports don't expand designer of DevExpress reports and parameters are added in the DataSource (parameters are added as a separate entity in DevExpress reports).

Please, give us additional info about  DataSource for your reports or simple sample with the reports.


Thanks, Sasha.


Thanks so much for the reply. I do Appreciate your help.

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