How to set relationCriteria for master panel


How to set relationCriteria for master panel with tree.
I have two objects: one is 'Category' and another is 'Orders'
I set 'Category' ListView as master panel for 'Orders' ListView'
The 'Category' is a 'Tree'.
I want the 'Order' ListView can show the records that 'Category Code' is the tree selected node and its children node. Please see 01.png.
But I don't know how to set the relationCriteria. Please see o2.png.
Can you help me?
attached is the picture and my sample solution.


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Hello nickcole!

Thanks for the code!
We have investigated the issue and decided it.
We modified your solution.

What have we changed in your solution:
1. We implemented a custom Criteria Language Function: GetCategoryCodesTreeListNode, which return string with all CategoryCodes in selected node.
2. We change value field "Expression" in the Model Editor node : Views->Solution5.Module.BusinessObjects->Order_ListView->DockPanels->Category-Master->Parameters->CategoryCode.                               Please see file Expression.png
This field specifies an expression that is used in 'RelationCriteria'.
3. We change value field "RelationCriteria" in the Model Editor node : Views->Solution5.Module.BusinessObjects->Order_ListView->DockPanels->Category-Master. Please see file RelationCriteria.png

If you need any further assistance on this subject, please feel free to reactivate this ticket.

On behalf of Xafari Client Services Team


Thank you very much.
This problem has been puzzling me for several weeks, and thank you for putting forward the idea of solving the problem.
I will try some more general solutions based on your idea.

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