How to setup A middle tier Solution

joseph geraldClient

How do you set up a middle tier solution with
dc security and extentions framework
i dont see anything related in the documentation.
is a setup like this possible
1.App server
2.custom MQ Server at ther server side
3.Workflow Server
4. console
5.winforms app

with dc security and xf framework
I have tried failed to support dc security(Xafari)


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joseph geraldClient

also provided sample throws error when creating delete request in MQ

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joseph geraldClient

1.Start with
Xafari.Server.Cfg modules to solution
3.Run app and navigate to message queue
4.Execute Clean up message queue action and try completing the wizard



I apologize for the delayed response.

To solve the error with MQ you need to add the following line to Solution1.ApplicationServer.ApplicationServerService.OnStart and Solution1.Win.Program.Main
WcfDataServerHelper.AddKnownType (typeof (Xafari.DC.XPWeakReferenceStruct));

We do not have examples with a middle tier solution.
But I think your installation is possible. But this question requires research, we are not sure that all the functionality will work. Since Xafari has not been tested for this use
We also have an example where Xafari Server runs as a Windows service.

Is this problem still relevant for you?
What difficulties did you encounter while setting up Security?

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