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Hi , I have a question regarding speed of XAF applications, Although it is not directly related to XAF but I just ask here so that in the future you can maybe include this in your upgrades. I noticed that most of my sample xaf applications with xafari or without xafari features that the application behaves so slow.
One thing that I noticed is the display of many records like 1,000 which is not suppose to be not too many in a lookup field for Products is very slow slow, it takes about 8 to 10 sec to display the lookup values , I thought the problem is in my app but then I created just a products table and an order table so that it will not be complicated but to try but it is really slow , once I am on the lookup field and try to type the products first 3 or 4 characters to be searched and the characters did not appear yet, I already typed 4 or 5 characters and wait for 3 sec before the list appears. Thanks!


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Thanks for your information.

According to your description, the problem is not the Xafari.
I can recommend that you create a project on pure XAF. If the problem with the speed is repeated, then you should contact devexpress

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

On behalf of Xafari Client Services Team


Yap Thanks! This has been a problem ever since on xaf about speed of the app not only lookup. I do hope you can improve it in the future on your future updates. But I am aware of the xafari Accelerator, I will try to implement it soon.

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