How to use Docflow with XPO objects


The Xafari Docflow module provides a tool kit for development of a comprehensive document workflow system in the XAF application.
The Xafari Docflow module exposes mechanisms and components that allows to describe the document lifestyle or object lifestyle in a formal manner.
All stages of the document and the sequence of tasks performed are described using the Scheme. The schema is configured in the application model. Several schemes can be specified for each type of object.
In the Docflow, you can use objects of different types: Domain Components and XPO objects.
This ticket will cover the use of workflow in projects with Xpo objects.
Below is an instruction for implementation of Docflow.

First you need to add Docflow modules to the project:
1. Add XafariDocflowModule to the Module Project.
2. Add XafariDocflowWebModule–łto the Web Application Project.
3. Add XafariDocflowWinModule to the Windows Forms Application Project.
Then you need to add the following keys to your application's configuration file.

    <add key="Tasks.AllowCheckPermissions" value="true"/>
    <add key="Tasks.UseHistory" value="true"/>
    <add key="Docflow.UseHistory" value="true"/>
    <add key="Docflow.AddParticipants" value="true"/>

Next, you need to add the DocflowSupportAttribute to those objects that should take part in the Docflow.
The last step of Docflow setup is the document description in the model. This is a description of Docflow schemes, states, work sequence, etc.

How to set up the Docflow in the model is described in the Docflow topic(!The documentation was made for version 8 of Xafari)
More relevant information can be found in the file in the attachment. (Documentation for version 11)

A small example of setting up a Docflow for a project with Xpo objects is presented in the attachment.
Docflow Documentation

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