How to use <iframes> in XAF Web application


I'm exploring different ways to include external Web content within an in XAF Web applications. I need some help with the following possibilities.

1. How to create a view controller that would allow the use of an element within an ASPxHtmlPropertyEditor.

2. How to use a custom Web user control to display an in a detail view.

3. How to best use the dashboard view to display content within an .

4. Other recommendations for using in XAF using Xafari controls.

Thanks for your help.


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Sasha (Xafari Support)Client

Hello Larry,

This task will take some additional time.

Thanks for your patience.
Regards, Sasha.


I found a solution for displaying an iframe in a DetailView. Here's the View Controller I used to accomplish this.

using DevExpress.ExpressApp;
using DevExpress.ExpressApp.HtmlPropertyEditor.Web;
using System;

namespace Learning_Objectives_Creator.Module.Web.Controllers
// For more typical usage scenarios, be sure to check out
public partial class HTMLEditorController : ViewController
public HTMLEditorController()
// Target required Views (via the TargetXXX properties) and create their Actions.
protected override void OnActivated()
// Perform various tasks depending on the target View.
protected override void OnViewControlsCreated()
// Access and customize the target View control.
protected override void OnDeactivated()
// Unsubscribe from previously subscribed events and release other references and resources.

private void HTMLEditorController_Activated(object sender, EventArgs e)
ASPxHtmlPropertyEditor propertyEditor =
((DetailView)View).FindItem("WebContentAsset") as ASPxHtmlPropertyEditor;
if (propertyEditor != null)
if (propertyEditor.Control != null)
propertyEditor.ControlCreated +=
new EventHandler(HTMLEditorController_ViewControlsCreated);
private void AllowIframe(ASPxHtmlPropertyEditor propertyEditor)
if (propertyEditor.ViewEditMode == DevExpress.ExpressApp.Editors.ViewEditMode.Edit)
propertyEditor.Editor.SettingsHtmlEditing.AllowIFrames = true;
propertyEditor.Editor.SettingsHtmlEditing.AllowYouTubeVideoIFrames = true;
propertyEditor.Editor.SettingsHtmlEditing.AllowScripts = true;
propertyEditor.Editor.SettingsHtmlEditing.AllowHTML5MediaElements = true;
propertyEditor.Editor.SettingsHtmlEditing.AllowObjectAndEmbedElements = true;
propertyEditor.Editor.SettingsHtmlEditing.AllowEditFullDocument = true;
propertyEditor.Editor.SettingsHtmlEditing.EnablePasteOptions = true;
propertyEditor.Editor.SettingsHtmlEditing.AllowedDocumentType = DevExpress.Web.ASPxHtmlEditor.AllowedDocumentType.Both;
propertyEditor.Editor.SettingsHtmlEditing.AllowFormElements = true;
propertyEditor.Editor.SettingsHtmlEditing.AllowIdAttributes = true;
propertyEditor.Editor.SettingsHtmlEditing.AllowStyleAttributes = true;
propertyEditor.Editor.Height = 1000;


private void HTMLEditorController_ViewControlsCreated(object sender, EventArgs e)


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