how to use Xafari Arms with Xaf 19.1.5



We had an application that used XAF 14.1 with the correspondent xafari build, but since it was outdated we updated to version 19.1.5 and using the xafari build to this version to test it out. The problem is that we used Xafari.Arms to create our navigation menus for our old version and after the update we can't see any navigation menus. The Xafari module appears in my model.xaml into the project but I can't seem to quite understand how to link or make it work with this new build. Is there anything new that I have to do in order for my navigation items appear again? Oh.. almost forgot, it's not working with the new layout from XAF (The responsive layout) wich was introduced in version 15.2. In the attached files I'll show how Xafari appers on my model.xaml and how my navigation menu appears on my screen.

I hope I made myself clear and thanks in advance.


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Hello lucas.swapi!

Please review the article ARMs and make sure that your project has done the same.

Can you give me a project on which an error occurs?

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

On behalf of Xafari Client Services Team

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