Issues with Type Permissions using Xafari Security


We recently implemented the Xafari Security module and are starting to notice issues when setting up Type Operation Permissions.

I'm creating a role with a Member Permissions to hide certain fields on the lines of a document. The fields I'm hiding are on a Nested List View grid.

I've tested it by creating identical roles in the Standard XAF Security and in the newly implemented Xafari Security. The result is that it works when using the Standard XAF Security and does not work when using the Xafari Security?

I've attached the following screenshots to illustrate the example:

1. xaf-role-settings
Provided full access to the Documents Table.
Provided restricted access to the the Document Details Table, which is the Nested List View grid on the Document. Hiding all of the price fields.

2. xaf-role-result
The result is correct and none of the price columns are visible on the Document Details grid.

3. xafari-role-settings
Provided the exact same settings as per above in the xaf-role-settings.

4. xafari-role-results
The result is incorrect and all of the price columns are still visible on the Document Details grid.


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Sasha (Xafari Support)Client

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the provided information.

We have replicated this behavior, but couldn't find a solution at the moment. Please give me additional time.

Regards, Sasha.


Hi Sasha

Thank you for the reply. As we are just starting to use Xafari and this feature is critical to our user base, I need to make a call about deploying my application with Xafari or not.

Knowing an estimated time for repair by yourselves will make a difference in my decision.

Would it be possible to give me an estimated date of repair. I do understand that issues could arise that may affect this date.

Much appreciated.


Sasha (Xafari Support)Client

Hello Steve,

We researched this issue with Permissions more details using our DemoCenter (Start -> Xafari Framework v15... -> Demo Center... -> Northwind(Win)) and Order, OrderDatails objects. But all permission settingsĀ  worked well. In this regard, please provide us additional information (about relationship between Documents Table, Documents Detail, Documents Lines) or send us simple sample with this issue.

Thanks, Sasha.


We have sorted out our issue


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