Items are not displayed after update


After updating my components DevExpress from 13.2 to 17.2, some items are no longer displayed. The compiler does not produce an error.
The compiler does not produce an error. I think the error could be in the Default.aspx. In the attachment of old, new files and screens.
I also created a ticket at / number T611293.
I did all the recommendations, but the error still remains. Perhaps the error is in Xafari.


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Hello krivcov!

I apologize for the delayed response.

Thanks for the code. We see the problem and we are now working on it.
It will take some additional time.

On behalf of Xafari Client Services Team


Hi! How long can the solution of this problem take? This is the last mistake that does not allow us to release a new version of the program, which is expected by many customers.

Dmitry AlhimovichAgent


After some investigation of your solution, we found out that the issue appeared because of Model.Differences.xafml files that were unexpectedly excluded from some inner referenced project.These files with information about application model contain Xafari ARMs definition. So, without these files you saw empty menu. Please, include these files in project as Embedded Resource and try to run the app.


Thank you! It is worked now!


Thank you! It is worked now!

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