Limitation in the Download Feature


I am a consultant for DCR Workforce(recently acquired by Coupa Software).
We are using the ranet feature for our ad hoc module.
We have the HTML OEM Royalty Free subsription.
Currently, a user is not able to download a report from the ranet feature if there are more than 11 columns or over 10,000 rows.
Can you please let us know how this can be adjusted because it is not fitting the needs of our customers reporting purposes.


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Vyacheslav SemenkovClient

We do not set any limit on how much data may be exported. Also I was able to export a report with 118000 rows from our demo server:
As well as the report with 590 columns:

However, I have experienced simmilar issue, when I tried to export a report with approximately 600000 cells. This resulted in an OutOfMemoryException. Did you get some exceptions or can you provide some more info on this error?


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