Make the WizardAction popup window resizable

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I saw an earlier ticket with a viewcontroller to enable a wizard popup window to be resizable. Please make this the default. Users are able to resize when the layout does not 100% fit. But they get annoyed when they cannot resize.

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Wullumpie Client

I had to remove the word 'default' from the topic: Make the WizardAction popup window default resizable

A not-understandable message appeared when i tried to submit the ticket with the 'original' topic description.

Sasha (Xafari Support) Agent


Thank you for the proposal.
Unfortunately we will not implement this function for Xafari in the near future.
But we will consider your proposal at any time. For now you can use ViewController:

public class SetWizardWindowResizeableDetailViewController : ViewController
public SetWizardWindowResizeableDetailViewController()
TargetObjectType = typeof (SomeWizardObject);
protected override void OnViewControlsCreated()
// Make wizard's detail view resizeable.
var template = Frame?.Template as IWindowTemplate;
if (template != null)
template.IsSizeable = true;

Let us know if you need further assistance.
Best regards,

Wullumpie Client

Thanks for the C# code. Makes it easier :).

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