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Adding XafariManagedOperationsCfgModule to the Module Project adds also Xafari.ManagedOperations.Win reference to Module Project what couses error in web application: "Actions with the duplicate 'ExportAnalysis' identifier are detected in the 'DevExpress.ExpressApp.Win.SystemModule.WinExportAnalysisController' and 'DevExpress.ExpressApp.Web.SystemModule.WebExportAnalysisController' controllers. For a solution, see"

How to prevent automatic addition of windows application reference to module project?


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I apologize for the delayed response.

The XafariManagedOperationsCfgModule module depends on the XafariManagedOperationsWinModule module.
All Cfg modules are designed to configure the modules through the Xas (Xafari Applications Support).
You can try to try to remove the XafariManagedOperationsWinModule module from the RequiredModuleTypes of the XafariManagedOperationsCfgModule module yourself.
Or you can configure the view yourself to monitor Managed operations in your module. You will also have to add a separate controller to clear Managed operations.

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