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I am a consultant for DCR Workforce(recently acquired by Coupa Software) We use your front end Ranet tool and I have a major bug blocking my clients from using the reporting in the front end. In sql the query is working fine but in the front end it is extremely slow. If you need more information please let me know and I will give more context. It seems to be an MDX query issue.

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Kelcie Lewis


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Vyacheslav Semenkov Agent

I need more details on this bug.

Does you query works fine through SQL Management Studio?

kelcie.lewis Client

Yes it works in SQL Management Studio but not in the front end of our application.

Vyacheslav Semenkov Agent

Is it possible for you to provide .XAR file of your requests, leading to this?
You can do this in chrome developer console like in the screenshot attached.

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kelcie.lewis Client

Attached is the XAR.PNG file.

kelcie.lewis Client

Can I please have a followup on this?
I am experiencing other performance related issues should I submit another ticket?

Vyacheslav Semenkov Agent

I need more details about which select request was sent.

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