my ticket was closed but you didn't give an answer

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shufflepoint Client

I cannot run an msi on my server. Do you have instructions for copying the needed .Net assemblies into the bin folder of my application?


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Petr Administrator

Hi Chris!

What is meant by MSI?

Package HTML5/JS deployment is an archive of the demo application. Unpack it on a server and set up on IIS web-application.

We have added on page links with examples of use and customization.

See an example: HTML5 Pivot Table Quik Start , it describes the deployment of the demo applications on IIS.

If you need to integrate into a pivot table in your application, see examples:

Best regards

Ranet Dev Team

shufflepoint Client

I am using the Silverlight version not the HTML version. Please provide documentation for the Silverlight version.

I am using the Silverlight version because I did not see drillthrough support in the HTML version. Is drillthrough supported in HTML? How do I enable it?

Petr Administrator

Hi Chris!

Drillthrough of the HTML version is not supported. Feature in the work plans. Will be made in the short version.


Ranet Dev Team


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