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Anton KondrasevClient

our company bought sources of your OLAP software. There is a visual studio solution with projects. As far as we managed to understand there is a big bundle file
included to HTML named ranetControls.js. This file is compiled from typescript placed in Ranet.Analytics.Controls project. However, this compilation process configured on visual studio project level (not in gulpfile). It makes development process smooth and easy, however we want to achieve a gulp-typescript compilation working for our purposes.

Here is a code-snippet from current version of gulpfile.js:

//gulp.task("ranetControls:typeScript", function () {
// var tsResult = gulp.src([
// "../Ranet.Analytics.Controls/Vendors/**/*.ts",
// "../Ranet.Analytics.Controls/Controls/ts/**/*.ts"
// ])
// .pipe(sourcemaps.init())
// .pipe(ts({
// declaration: true,
// noExternalResolve: true,
// target: 'es5',
// noEmitOnError: false,
// noEmitHelpers: false
// }));

// return tsResult.js.pipe(sourcemaps.write())
// .pipe(concat('ranetControls.js'))
// .pipe(gulp.dest(directoryForRanetControls));
// //.pipe(uglify())
// //.pipe(concat('ranetControls.js'))
// //.pipe(gulp.dest(directoryForRanetControls));


We tried to uncomment and use this task. Although visual studio manage to compile bundle, this command does not and it produces many typescript compile error, which is weird.

Can you please suggest us how to configure typescript compiler right way without any typescript code modifications?


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Vyacheslav SemenkovClient

Hello, Anton.

Unfortunately, you can't use gulp-typescript compiler at the moment due to errors in our source code. We have already fix them, and we will contact you in short time to send the updated version.

Best regards,
Vjacheslav Semenkov

Vyacheslav SemenkovClient

Hello, Anton.

We have sent you an email with information on how to get latest build of RanetPivotTable.

Best regards,
Vjacheslav Semenkov

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