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I was able to do this on my sample application for 15.1, when I tried to do the same to apply period filter feature of xafari , I received the following error that I attached as an image.

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Sasha (Xafari Support)Client


We will prepare a sample for you and to send it to you tomorrow.

Thanks, Sasha.


Hi, Thanks for the reply, I have carefully followed the documentation of it, and it is really simple, but the problem is that the documentation is lacking, I managed to add other xafari module which is the xafari editor and it worked, on the documentation the xafari editors are not mentioned for the period struct to worked. So just add the xafari editors and it should work. I will now close this ticket, Thanks very much!

Sasha (Xafari Support)Client


Thank you very much for your attention and patience!
We are going to release documentation with more actual updates early next month.

Let us know if you need further assistance.
Best regards,

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