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Larry PetersonClient

I recently activated a license on my development PC and am able to build the application and it now longer shows the "expired" message. But, we build our released version using github actions on a github build agent. The pipeline build results in the application showing the "expired" license message. What is the correct way to build via pipeline in the cloud with and active license? Also, I am unable to access the documentation site... I receive a timeout.


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Natalie PutrenkoAgent

Dear Larry,

the website with the documentation (https://documentation.galaktika-soft.com/xafari/) has been restored and is available. We are sorry to have caused you trouble.


Larry PetersonClient

Thank you, I am able to see the documentation now which is great... but I am not finding information that can help me resolve the issue of building the application using a github actions build agent to build the app and avoid a license expired message. When I build from my development PC with the license activated the application has the embedded license but not sure how to achieve this from a CI/CD pipeline build when the build agent is not a server i control and is likely different for each build. Any suggestions?

Larry PetersonClient


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