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I have been a customer for Devexpress for years and recently discovered Xafari Framwork it is a very attractive and useful product, now I have registered a new company with the name : AlYesir
I have got a support form local organization to buy Xafari Framwork Enterprise Subscription, I think when they check the product I have requested (about the end of December ) they found a different price from that now and I think there were an offer during that time so they approve only 1000 USD for this price and the same for Devexpress Universal Licence. thankfully to DevExpress who has offer me a price with 1000 USD to match the budget approved and It will be great If you can provide me a price to match the approved budget.
I highly admired your product and will be so glad to start my work with those great products like DevExpress and Xafari Framwork..
Thanks in Advance
Hadi Terkawi


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Hello alyesir!

Thank you for your interest in our product.
Our marketers will reply to your email.

On behalf of Xafari Client Services Team

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